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How to Take a Screenshot on Mac? Here is All You Need to Know
When you have your new MacBook, you probably don’t know how to take a screenshot on macOS which is quite different from Windows system. However, no matter we are doing the work or study using the Mac, we often need to take screenshots. Here we share you with some useful tips on how to take a screenshot on a Mac.Learn more ...
How to Get Rid of Malware from Mac Completely?Try These Useful Tips is a fake web search engine malware which hijacks your browser homepage and redirects you to its own search engine and shows you advertisements. Here is how you can get rid of malware from your Mac completely.Learn more ...
How to Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Issue on MacBook? Try 5 Useful Tips to Get it Back
Macbook users are always suffering with the “Bluetooth Not Available” issue as they use the wireless mouse, Bluetooth speaker,etc connecting with their Mac frequently. There are quite many reasons why they are having this “Bluetooth Not Available” issue. But today, we will share you five useful tips to get your Mac Bluetooth back to work again.Learn more ...
How to Clear Cache on Macbook?And What about Cookies and Uninstall Residual Files? Learn More
Many people uninstall apps or delete junk files from Mac by dragging them into the trash bin. However, they doubt that they delete it completely? Whether it will leave leftovers on Mac? Tell you what, desktop temporary files like DOCX and XLSX can be deleted completely by dragging to the trash bin, but other configuration files like apps attached configuration files and system generated files like caches and cookies will not be removed easily. So how to clean up Mac thoroughly? Let’s find it out.Learn more ...
How to use Activity Monitor on Mac – Everything you need to know
You wish there was a Task Manager in your Mac when your Mac gets stuck or spinning beach ball keeps spinning all the time. It allows you to force quit the websites or applications which were frozen. Windows users are familiar with the Task Manager and are good at using it to manage the PC tasks to optimize PC performance. So you wonder if there a Task Manager on Mac? Yes, of course there is. The name of Task Manager on Mac is Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor is similar to Task Manager, which allows you to see how apps and other processes are affecting your CPU, memory, energy, disk, and network usage.Learn more ...

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