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How to Clean and Protect Your Privacy on Mac?

boost-your-Mac-security-810x506.jpgCyber crime and personal data leakage have become the biggest problem in information era as we basically keep our money and personal info, like our phone number, email, home address, billing to transfer, finances status, social life and so on, all in our computers and phones. Advertisers may use track your browsing history and try to show you tons of ads now and then. Hackers may steal your finance account and transfer away your money before your notice. Some may expose your personal secret just for fun. Although Mac is known for its excellent technology, Mac users still suffer from privacy problems. So how do we protect our privacy on Mac? Here are some tips for you.


1. Set login password

Setting a login password when you access to your Mac is the most basic measure to protect your privacy. Not only starting up, but also waking up from the sleep mode needs the login password.

2. Turn on the FileVault

When FileVault turns on, all the data and files on your disk will be encrypting automatically. You will need login password or a recovery key to access to your data. Here’s how to turn on the FileVault on Mac.

      1.Open System Performance

      2.Click Security & Privacy

      3.Choose FileVault

      4.Click the lock to make changes (Turn on FileVault) 


3. Enable Firewall

Make sure you turn the Firewall on! It will prevent unauthorized applications, programs, and services from accepting incoming connections. How to turn on the Firewall?

1. Open System Performance

2. Click Security & Privacy

3. Choose Firewall

4. Turn on Firewall


4. Privacy settings

There are some privacy settings in the Mac itself. You can customize your privacy settings to protect your privacy. Here’s the way to set that.

1.    Open System Performance

2.    Click Security & Privacy

3.    Choose Privacy

4.    Further settings

--- Location Service (Control which apps are accessing your location)

---Contacts (Review which apps have access to sensitive data)







5. Safari Preferences

Safari is the Apple’s default browser as many Mac users choose to use it. It has password and privacy settings. You can follow these instructions to set that.

1. Open Safari

2. Click the top menu Preferences

3. Find password setting and set a password

4. Find Privacy

5. Tick your choices

---Cookies and website data

---Website use of location services

---Website tracking

---Apple pay


6. Chrome settings

Chrome is the most worldwide browser. It has privacy and security settings. You can follow the steps to set this.

1. Open Chrome

2. Click the top menu Preferences

3. Unfold the Advanced settings

4. Set Privacy and Security

5. Choose on/off of all the items 

privacy4.png7. Use Professional Tools

MacBooster 7 , published by IObit, is designed for Mac. It's a professional software which has privacy protection function. It can not only clean and speed up your Mac, but also have your privacy protected. Here's how to use Macbooster 7 to clean Mac privacy.

1. Download MacBooster7 and open it

2. Go to Privacy Protection Module

3. Scan and Clean history

Privacy Protection.pngMacBooster will clean all Safari and Chrome cookies, browsing history, download history, HTML5 local storage, tabs from last session, saved password, and recently opened documents, recently opened applications, app traces to protect your privacy. Let you enjoy a safer & cleaner browsing.

We hope that these tips are useful for you and will help you keep your privacy safe. But beyond privacy protection, MacBooster 7 can do more. It has many functions like System Junk clean, Virus & Malware Scan, Memory clean, Startup optimization, Duplicate finder, Photo sweeper, etc. You can download and try it now.

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