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How to Manage Startup & Login Items on Mac? Speed Up Your Mac
Mac is getting slow and slow as you keep using it. Many apps have been installed into your Mac OS X. Most of them will start running automatically after you boot your Mac. This will definitely drag your Mac slow. Today, we will guide you how to manage these startup and login items on your Mac. Some ways are pretty technical operations while they are really helpful. Let's get started.Learn more ...
How to Solve Mac Startup Disk Full Issue? Let's Find It Out
After you are using your Mac for a while, you probably will encounter this situation that a window pops up telling you that "Your startup disk is almost full". Then you realize that your over 500 GB storage has been taken up and almost get full. Here we would like to share you the way to get the "Your startup disk is almost full" message away from your MacLearn more ...
How to Find and Remove Duplicated Files on Mac? Learn to Remove Them Manually
Duplicated files can be generated easily on Mac. Due to its system feature, compared to Windows system, your simple drag could cause a duplicated file without your awareness. Finally, you will find that your Mac's disk space has been taken up by these files. Don't underestimate these duplicated files, it may let you cost more money to buy a larger disk. But why don't you just get them all out of your Mac to save more space? Here we share you with some tips which might be helpful.Learn more ...
How to Find and Clean Up Mac Large & Old Files?
One day you will find that your over 500 GB storage has been taken up and almost get full. Then you decide to do a cleanup work. But you are bothering which ones should be deleted. Most of the users would choose to delete the large and old files as it will lead to noticeable change for the storage. So here we share with you on how to find the clean up the large and old files on your Mac.Learn more ...
How to Free Up Mac Memory? Let's Do it Manually
Somehow, your Mac is getting slow. After clicking on the app, you have to wait for a while before it pops up. The Inactive memory is used by recently active and apps. Mac keeps it reserved in case you want to open the program again. Before it pops up, why not read this and follow the tips to free up your Mac memory? After this, you may have a good performance for your Mac. Here is how you can clear RAM on Mac.Learn more ...

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