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How to Find and Clean Up Mac Large & Old Files?

mac_cleanup_tips.jpgWhen you have your new MacBook, you probably get excited. Download your favorite apps, movies, music etc. Somehow, one day you will find that your over 500 GB storage has been taken up and almost get full. Then you decide to do a cleanup work. But you are bothering which ones should be deleted. Most of the users would choose to delete the large and old files as it will lead to noticeable change for the storage. So here we share with you on how to find the clean up the large and old files on your Mac.

How to Find and Clean Large & Old Files Manually?

You can use "Command + space" to open the Spotlight search. Then you can find the large files by remembering its name. Let's say, some movies you ever watched, or some files they might take up large space. Then locate them and clean them out of your Mac.


Or you may go to finder and check each of the folders. Then you can sort out the files by its size. Then you can choose to delete the large and old files.


By the way, if you are a computer geek, you should know that files exist on the disk in two different ways. One is that the Mac OS X created the file index. Then you can find and delete this kind. The other one is that the system doesn't create its index. This type of files is usually hidden while you can barely find it. Then you could not clean them up. But still, they are taking up lots of your storage. Under this situation, we suggest you use the professional cleaning app to get them out of your Mac. So here we introduce you an easier way by using a third-party app.

How to Find and Clean Up Mac Large & Old Files in an Easier Way?

Published by IObit, world's top system utility and security software provider since 2004, MacBooster helps you to find the clean up the large & old files from Mac completely. Then you can save more hard disk storage. Here is how you can do it with MacBooster easily:

                 1: Download MacBooster 7 and open it

                 2: Go to the Large & Old module

                 3: Scan your system and choose to clean the large files

Large & Old Files 1.png

It helps you locate, view, and remove large old files, folders and applications easily, especially for those hidden files on your Mac.

Large & Old Files 2.png

Since you clean up those large and old files and get them out of your Mac, you will have more disk space to use. If you think doing this manually will take much time and effort, then MacBooster can always be a help and make it easier for you to handle this. What's more, it comes with other useful functions, like system junk files removal (remove over 20 types of junk files), Virus & Malware Scan, Startup optimization, Duplicate finder, Photo sweeper, etc. You can always use it to get your Mac tide and safe. So there you have it. Just try it now and clean up those large and old files on your Mac to save more space.

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