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How to Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Issue on MacBook? Try 5 Useful Tips to Get it Back


Macbook users are always suffering with the "Bluetooth Not Available" issue as they use the wireless mouse, Bluetooth speaker,etc connecting with their Mac frequently. There are quite many reasons why they are having this "Bluetooth Not Available" issue. But today, we will share you five useful tips to get your Mac Bluetooth back to work again.

1. Reset NVRAM

Solve "Bluetooth not available" issue on El Capitan by resetting the NVRAM (old PRAM-reset trick).

1. Restart your Mac
2. As soon as the computer starts (makes a sound), press Alt+Cmd+R+P and hold for a while. Release after the next sound.
3. Your Mac will boot and then check if the Bluetooth is back.

2: Reset SMC

The exact process of resetting the SMC is slightly different per hardware, thus the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini all have slight variations to complete the process. You may follow Apple's instructions to get the job done.

3: Reset Bluetooth plist

1. Close any app that is trying to connect with Bluetooth.

2. Press Command+Shift+G in the Finder.

3. Enter ~/Library/Preferences/ and click Go.

4. Find the file and delete it

5. Restart your MacBook.


4: Uninstall the apps which may affect your Bluetooth


It is possible that you got the "Bluetooth Not Available" error message after you installed some new apps. These apps could be malware that's causing the issue or simply they changed the Apple's Bluetooth configuration

Dragging them to the trash does not uninstall them completely. It will leave lots of leftovers and junk files on your Mac. We recommend you use a professional tool to remove it from your MacBook completely.

  1: Download MacBooster 7 and open it

  2: Go to the Uninstaller module

  3: Choose Completely Remove above and click the Uninstall


5: Reset the Bluetooth module

1. Hold Shift+Option and click on the Bluetooth menu in the menu bar.
2. Click Debug and select Remove all devices.
3. Click Debug again and select Reset the Bluetooth module.
4. Restart your Mac.
5. Repair each of your Bluetooth devices.


Hope you can use one of these tips to solve your MacBook "Bluetooth Not Available" issue.

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