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Should I Allow Full Disk Access on Mac? Learn More About Full Disk Access
Have you noticed that it always pop-up a window ask for a Full Disk Access when you download especially applications after you upgraded to macOS Mojave?So what is Full Disk Access and should I allow it?Learn more ...
Help!!! Macbook won't turn on? Try these useful tips to solve it.
“Help! My Macbook won’t turn on. How should I do with it?” When you encounter this issue and can’t turn on your Mac. Don’t rush to the repair store. Try these useful and free tips to get it back to work before your cost your money.First thing you should do is to make sure your Mac’s power cable is working well.Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then press it again.At last, if your Mac still won’t turn on, you may try to reset the System Management Controller (SMC)Learn more ...
How to Free Up Space on Mac and Manage Mac Storage? Check These Useful Tips
So you download plenty of Apps, keep all your favorite movies and music, setting your preferences, save all you liked pictures and videos...etc. But it won't be long before you start to suffer from insufficient storage and slow running speeds. So how to manage and release Mac storage space to make Mac run faster becomes crucial.Learn more ...
How to Fix "Mac Freezes" Issue? Learn to Solve It Now!
Some Mac users indicate that system freeze when launching applications after upgrade to Mojave. Here some method may help to solve that:1.Update the application to the latest version for MacOS Mojave;2.Use Activity Monitor;3.Check the Startup items on your Mac;4.Delete junk files and uninstall unneeded apps.Learn more ...
Mac Battery Draining Fast?Check Out These Three Useful Tips to Save Your Battery
While MacOS Mojave Dark Mode is cool and charming, it seems to drain batteries faster even in energy-saving sleep or hibernate modes. This is indeed a Mojave problem, which may be fixed in a later version. But there still something you can do.1.Use Activity Monitor to check what's using up your battery.2: Resetting the battery/memory.3.Optimize your Mac startup & login itemsLearn more ...

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