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New Mac Pro is too Expensive?The Ultimate Money-saving Tips on Purchasing a Mac


Apple announced a new Mac Pro at WWDC 2019. This new Mac Pro, which looks a lot more like the old 'cheese grater', starts at $5,999 for the 8-core Intel Xeon 3.5GHz model, with 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and Radeon Pro 580X graphics card. And Apple unveiled the Pro Display XDR costs $4,999 and the Stand for Apple's New Pro Display costs an Extra $999. Crazy, right? Let alone there will be multiple build-to-order options and configurations, you can have up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, and up to 1.5TB of 6-channel ECC system memory. Of course, it's gonna cost a lot. So, how to buy a Mac with the lowest price and keep it run a little bit longer? Here are some money-saving tips on purchasing a Mac you may want to know. 

1. Only buy what you need


Electronic products update with each passing day. You should never try to buy the newest one in order to keep up with the trend. I know it's hard to be rational when comes shopping, but you need to consider your budget and need. Mac provides multiple build-to-order options and configurations, so you need to make certain what you need before purchase accurately. If you were a software worker and need to deal with a large amount of data, you may need a Mac with a good processor; if you were photographic and need to store many pictures, you may need a Mac with larger memory; and if you were a game player and need high-definition graphics, then you may need a Mac with a good displayer.Set the budget and define what you need in the first place, and you could find the right Mac for you.

2. Buy at the right time


We all know that the latest product is the most expensive, usually, after the new product is released, the previous product will be reduced or discounted. And fortunately, Apple releases products on a relatively fixed time and gives advance notice, so the new product release time is the best opportunity for you to buy a Mac. You can stick to your original budget and buy the new product, which saves money on upgrading later. Or you can buy the previous-gen model and save a few hundred dollars. Buying at the right time can save you a lot of money than buying blindly and impulsively.

3. Don't rush to get a new Mac


After a few years of work and numerous times of system reinstallation, Mac became extremely slow in switching on and off and running. But it doesn’t mean you need to buy a new Mac to replace the old one. Here are some tips only connoisseur knows: 

1. Upgrading the hard drive and memory card is a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

2. Another way to save money is to maintain your Mac well and extend its serving time.

The routine maintenance is to keep your Mac clean and tidy all the time, not only the surface but also the inside. But the junks are so cunning and tricky that you can’t monitoring the Mac all the time to find them out and clean out them immediately without delay. So you need a professional Mac maintenance tool. 

MacBooster, your one-stop Mac maintenance tool to clean up 20 types of junk files and remove Mac malware and virus to protect your Mac, Besides, MacBooster can optimize Mac hard disk to boost your Mac to the peak performance.


A. Download MacBooster. (free download from the official site)
B. Scan your mac.
C. Clean and boost your mac to peak performance.

No matter which Mac you bought, you need to take good care of it and get the most out of it. Thanks for reading this passage and hope you can find the right Mac for you as soon as possible.

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