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How to Get Rid of Bing Redirect Virus on Mac? Remove Bing redirect virus from Safari and Chrome

Jan 20.2020 - by MacBooster Team


If your Safari or Chrome browser continues to redirect you to without your approval or consent, you should be aware of what freeware did you recently install on your computer. The free software that you installed may be filled with browser hijackers as an extra component which is named Bing redirect virus. So what is Bing redirect virus? How did your Mac get infected by it? And how to get rid of Bing redirect virus on Mac? Let's find it out.

What is Bing redirect virus?

Bing redirect virus is a browser hijacker that can silently enter the user's system bundled with other software. Once infected, it may replace the existing home page, error page, or search engine with its own. Moreover, it keeps the user from changing their preferences back to their correct values by means the established procedures everyone is familiar with. What's more, the key point regarding the Bing redirect virus is that the issue won't vanish on its own. No browser update or regular manual reconfiguring will take care of the infection. Its logic is to create a dodgy device profile under System Preferences on a Mac.

How did your Mac get infected by Bing redirect virus?

There are several techniques that may be used for the spread of undesired programs associated with Bing redirect virus.

1. Preferred is considered to be the software bundling.

For its realization are often misused free programs that pretend to be useful and legit. They could be commonly used programs like media players, file converters, weather toolbars, online streaming apps, and others. The installers of these programs often present optional offers or free extras but rarely in an appropriate way. So you could have missed to notice their presence during the installation of the desired program and eventually allowed them to access your Mac. After the execution of a potentially undesired program on your Mac, your Safari may start redirecting your default search engine to Bing.

2. Be careful when downloading software especially freeware from unofficial websites.

Be advised to refrain from installing third-party apps from untrustworthy sites as well. If you do, make sure to check all the details available in the Custom/Advanced configuration option. There you may find a way to opt out the installation of extra offers and eventually keep your Mac clean from potentially undesired/harmful programs.

How to get rid of Bing redirect virus on Mac?

1. Remove Bing redirect virus from Google Chrome

To remove Bing Redirect Virus from Chrome, please follow the steps below. And make sure you remove all suspicious browser add-ons and extensions.

l  Delete malicious plugins

Open Google Chrome, click the menu icon and select the tool-extension.


l  Select Bing redirect and other malicious plugins and click the remove icon to delete these entries.


l  Change your homepage and default search engine if it was altered by your virus(click the menu icon and choose settings).

l  Look for open a specific page or set of pages under on startup option.

l  Click remove icon to delete the malicious search site and enter the one that you want to use as your homepage.

l  Click search engine icon on the left toolbar and remove malicious search sites.


l  Reset Google Chrome: scroll down to the end of the page of search engine and click on the restore the setting to their original defaults

2. Remove Bing redirect virus from Safari

To remove Bing redirect virus from Chrome, please follow the steps below.

l  Remove dangerous extensions

Open Safari web browser and click on Safari on the menu at the top of the screen. And click the preferences.


l  Select Extensions and look for Bing redirect or other suspicious items. Click on the Uninstall button to get rid of each of them.



l  Change your homepage if it was altered by virus

Open your Safari web browser and click on Safari in the menu section. Here, select Preferences as it was displayed previously and select General.

l  Look at the Homepage field. If it was altered by Bing redirect virus, remove unwanted link and enter the one that you want to use for your searches. Remember to include the "http://" before typing in the address of the page.



Still worried about the security of your Mac?

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At last, thank you for reading this article and hope it helps you a little. If you haven't cleared the virus yet, please contact us for more guidance at Support.

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