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How to Connect and Access Your Mac at Home for Remote Work

April 3.2020 - by MacBooster Team


Remote work has been a trend and necessary lifestyle due to the COVID-19, which you may need remote access to your office computer while you are quarantined at home. Sharing your screen remotely is a convenient way to access another computer as if you're sitting in front of it. Here's how to connect your two devices remotely.


How to Connect from Mac to Mac


If you are using the same Mac OS, then you can use Secure Shell (SSH) to log in to your Mac from another Mac. Here's how to set the remote login on your Mac.


1. On one Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sharing, then select Remote Login.

2. Select the Remote Login tickbox.

3. Selecting Remote Login also enables the secure FTP (sftp) service.

4. Specify which users can log in:

● All users: Any of your computer's users and anyone on your network can log in.

● Only these users: Click the Add button, then choose who can log in remotely. Users & Groups include all the users of your Mac. Network Users and Network Groups include people on your network.



5. On the other computer, open the Terminal app or an SSH client.

6. Type the ssh command, then press Return.

7. The general format of the ssh command is: ssh username@IPAddress

8. Enter your password, then press Return.




If you don't know the username and IP address for your Mac, open the Remote Login pane of Sharing preferences. Your username and IP address are shown below the "Remote Login: On" indicator.


How to Connect from Windows to Mac


You need to use a third-party software tool to connect Mac to Windows due to the different operating systems.


1. Open the Windows System Properties and click the "Remote" tab, then make sure "Allow remote connections to this computer" is enabled.



2. You also want to make sure you install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client on your Mac and set up a user profile. It is available in the App Store.

3. Then click Edit, type your preferred User name.

IF you do not want to enter your user name and password every time you connect, you can add them to the "Credentials.|" Not entering any credentials means that when you connect to your Windows machine, you will need to log into an account.



4. When you connect to a new client, you'll likely see a Verify Certificate dialog. Click "Continue" to connect.

5. If you don't want to see this warning dialog in the future, click "Show Certificate" and then check the "Always trust …" option as shown below.



How to Connect from Mac to Windows


Connecting to a Mac from a Windows PC is a little different. You need a third app called RealVNC viewer.


1. First you have to set up your Mac for screen sharing. Open the "Sharing" preference panel and check the box next to "Screen Sharing."

2. Click "Computer Settings…" and make sure "VNC viewers may control screen with password" is checked. Then enter a password.


3. We return to our connection and click the "Connect" button. An authentication box will appear where you will need to enter the password you created in the Sharing preferences on your Mac.

4. Open VNC viewer on your Windows then enter the Mac IP address.




5. When you connect to the target Mac, you will also need to log into a user account, just like we had to do with Windows. Once logged in, your Mac desktop will now appear in the VNC Viewer window in the same state as you left it.




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