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Mac Battery Draining Fast?Check Out These Three Useful Tips to Save Your Battery


While MacOS Mojave Dark Mode is cool and charming, it seems to drain batteries faster even in energy-saving sleep or hibernate modes. This is indeed a Mojave problem, which may be fixed in a later version. But there still something you can do.


1.Use Activity Monitor to check what's using up your battery.


Open Finder Applications Utilities Choose Activity Monitor Click Energy. Then you can choose to quit some unnecessary processes.


2: Resetting the battery/memory, holding down the control, shift, option and power keys then release the first three at the same time. Also noted this update will take time to configure the file structure. It does this while sleeping and takes an incredible amount of resource.


3: Most of your Apps will start running automatically after you boot your Mac. This will definitely drag your Mac slow and drain your battery. Published by IObit, world's top system utility and security software provider since 2004, MacBooster, as a one-stop Mac maintenance tool, is definitely your best choice to optimize these startup items. It provides you with real-time protection which will monitor your startup. Once there is a startup item, it will notify you to check and decide to keep, disable or remove. Here is how you can do it with MacBooster easily:


                 1: Download MacBooster and open it

                 2: Go to the Startup Optimization module

                 3: Choose to disable the startup items


Thanks for reading this and hope it helps you a little. We believe that Mojave will continue to update and fix all bugs, and we will keep following and updating.

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