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How to Solve App Store Login and Connect Issue? Try These Three Useful Tips


Some Mac users may encounter the issue that they have problem to login and connect app store. Here we offer you some tips on how to solve your App Store login and connect issue.

1: Check your internet connect


This first thing you should do is to make sure that your internet connect is working well. Without internet or weak internet connection, you surely can’t login into app store. Or you fail to load the full contents of app store.


Under this situation, you can use the Advanced Network Care to diagnose your network problem and fix the issues.


2: Re-install App Store App

You can also try to re-install app store app to fix this issue. After you uninstall the app, you need to delete components associated with the App except App and the Folder /Library/Application Support. You can use specialized cleaning app - MacBooster, which can clean over 20 types of junks files and uninstall apps completely.


(1)     Download MacBooster and open it.

(2)     Scan the Mac.

(3)     Choose to delete.


3: Reset Your Trust Settings

Backed up the directory /Library/Security/Trust Settings, then remove them with the following commands, entering your administrator password when prompted:

cd "/Library/Security"

sudo ditto -ck "Trust Settings"

cd "/Library/Security/Trust Settings"

sudo rm *.plist



Hope these tips will help you to solve your App Store login and connect issue.


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