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How to Sign a PDF document on the Mac? Learn More about Electronic Signature Without a Printer


You may occasionally encounter the situation that PDF documents require your signature via email whether in life or at work. It can be a tedious and nettlesome work if you have to download the PDF document, print it out and find a pen to finish the signature, then scan the signed PFD document paper and send it back. Lucky for Mac OS users, you don't need to do so to waste time and ink. Here we will introduce two methods to sign the PDF documents directly on Mac.

Sign A PDF Document in Preview

The first method is to sign the PDF documents with the Preview. You can capture your signature using your trackpad or a camera on your Mac to reuse in PDFs. Here are the detailed steps:


● If your Mac has a Trackpad

1. First of all, open the PDF doc that needs to be signed in Preview. Right-click on the file and choose Open With → Preview.


2. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button image.png(orimage.png )on the top of the window, then click the Sign buttonimage.png.

3. Click Create Signature when appearing a drop-down menu below the Signature button.

4. Select the Trackpad, if this option is available.

5. Click Trackpad, click the text as prompted, sign your name on the trackpad using your finger, press any key, then click Done. (If you don't like the results, click Clear, then try again)


6. Click image.pngagain. This will open a drop-down menu with all the signatures you've saved previously.

7. Click and drag the signature onto the document. Use the mouse or TrackPad to the place where you want the signature to go. (You can click and drag the blue dots in the corner of the signature to resize the signature image)

8. Click File on the menu bar in the upper-left corner of the screen then click Save to save the PDF with the signature.


Thanks to the MacBook's excellent trackpad, you can sign on the trackpad with one finger and then go to preview. On the new MacBook with the Force Touch trackpad, it's even pressure-sensitive, allowing for more accurate signatures. It's even pressure-sensitive, allowing for more accurate signatures.


● Use the camera if your Mac doesn't have a Trackpad

1. The previous steps are the same:Open the PDF in Preview → Click image.png → Click  image.png→ Click Create Signature.

2. Choose the Camera button from the signature interface.

3. Draw your signature on white paper then place the paper up to your Mac's front-facing camera. (Note: Your Mac will auto-detect the signature and flip it into a mirror image for correct orientation. You can re-try the signature several times until you're satisfied with it by clicking on the Cancel button to restart)


4. Click on the Done button to save it to your Preview app when you got the satisfied signature.

5. The next steps are the same to Click image.png again → Click and drag the signature onto the document → Click File → Click Save to save the PDF with the signature.


Sign A PDF Document in Mail

If you're running OS X Yosemite or newer, you can use Mail's "Markup" feature to manipulate your Mail attachments in all sorts of ways, including signing PDFs! Here's how it works.

1. First, create your new email message and place the PDF to the message.

2. Click the tiny downward-facing arrow in the upper-right corner by hovering over the attachment with your cursor.

3. Choose Markup when its drop-down menu.


4. It will pop-up a new window and Click image.png .

5. Click Create Signature.

6. You can create a signature using the Trackpad or Camera as described above.

7. Click Done when the signature is placed.


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