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How to Find and Remove Similar or Duplicated Photos on Mac?

photo sweeper1.pngAs a Mac user, you will find your Mac is full of duplicated photos which are stored in different files with different names. Due to its system feature, Mac will create the duplicate copies automatically without any reason when you upload photos to your Mac or when you take the screenshot. Day after day, these similar or duplicated photos take a lot of space of your Mac and may cost you more money to buy a larger disk. Since Mac doesn't have a built-in feature that allows you to locate and remove duplicate photos, you need to search the whole Mac hard drive for duplicates and remove them from your Mac manually. Here are some tips for you to find and remove similar or duplicate photos on Mac.

How to Find and Remove Similar or Duplicated Photos on Mac Manually?

Here's the way to manage the photos by using Smart Folders in the Finder. You may follow the steps below.

        1. Open the Finder window

        2. Go to Apple Menu → File → New Smart Folder

        3. Click a Plus button in a top right corner

        4. Select Search parameter: name → kind, matches → images (or search images)

        5. Choose picture format: All (including JPEG TIFF GIF PNG BPM )

        6. Review and select the similar or duplicate photos (you can press Command Key to multiple select)

        7. Click the right of your mouse and Move them to trash

photo sweeper2.png

photo sweeper3.png

photo sweeper4.png

Or you can use iCloud to download all your photos and then re-upload to your Mac after removing all duplicate photos.

       1. Launch a browser on your Mac

      2. Sign into personal Apple ID at

      3. Then go to the Photos tab and choose All Photos

      4. While looking at pictures' icons, press and keep holding the Command key and start clicking identical or very        similar images one-by-one 

      5. Once you're done with that, press the delete button on the top

      6. Delete all the old photos and re-upload the photos

photo sweeper5.png

Above two ways are suited for dealing with a small number of photos. You will find it’s exhausting and dreadful to handle more than 500 photos like that. Is there an easier way to find and remove similar or duplicated photos?

How to Find and Remove Similar or Duplicated Photos on Mac Wisely?

Since it's so annoying to find and remove similar or duplicate photos on Mac manually, why not turn to a third-party duplicate photo sweeper to do the job?Published by IObit, world's top system utility and security software provider since 2004, MacBooster comes with the feature to free up and optimize your Mac memory. Here is how you can do it with MacBooster easily:

                 1: Download MacBooster 7 and open it

                 2: Go to the Photo Sweeper module

                 3: Choose compare the photos and find the similar ones

                 4: Choose to delete the similar or duplicated ones

Photo Sweeper 1.pngPhoto Sweeper 2.png

These are the ways to find and remove similar or duplicated photos on Mac that we share today. Removing duplicated photos is an extremely efficient method for freeing up some room on your Mac's hard drive. Plus, it gets easier to work with all your photo library when you only keep the good ones. MacBooster will help you to do this easier.You can always use it to get your Mac tide and safe. So there you have it. Just try it now and remove the duplicated photos easily!

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